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Everything you need to BeANotary, From start to finish and everything in between.

Become or Renew A Notary Public

LMI Notary Service is a full service company dedicated to helping Notaries Public for over 60 years. LMI Notary Service has been the reliable one-stop-shop for everything you need to be a successful Notary Public including:
  • Assistance obtaining and renewing a Notary Appointment
  • Training to help you comply with Notary Laws
  • Proper equipment and supplies for notarization
  • Liability protection for Notaries Public

About LMI Notary Service

LMI Notary Service has been assisting individuals with becoming Notaries Public and renewing their notary appointment for several decades. Small businesses, non-profit organizations and corporations recognize the necessity of having a notary public within their organization and we've worked with numerous small and large organization to help them quickly and efficiently complete the process to become or renew a Notary Appointment. Unlike many companies, there is NO charge for our service. We'll assist you and/or your employees through the application or renewal process at zero cost to you or your company.
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